Mask’s & Face Coverings in Indoor Common Spaces

We wish to thank our valued residents for protecting each other and our communities by wearing masks and face coverings in all indoor common spaces.

Upbeat music for entire video.
<0:00 – 0:05>
Camera pans on Li, who’s putting on his white surgical mask in front of the mirror. Caption reads – Li does it for Kyle
<0:05 – 0:09>
Camera does a close up on Kyle, who is looking out of a window wearing a light blue surgical mask. Caption reads – Kyle does it for Mei
<0:09 – 0:15>
Camera cuts to an older lady, putting on her white surgical mask. The caption reads – Mei does it for the Haddad’s next door.
<0:15 – 0:18>
Camera pans onto a senior couple. The man has his arm draped over the woman’s shoulder. They are looking out a window and they are both wearing their surgical white masks. The caption reads – and they do it for…
<0:18 – 0:24>
Camera pans onto a young blonde boy around 14 years of age, putting on his mask. He then looks into the camera and gives a thumbs up. The caption reads -for Andrei.
<0:24 – 0:29>
Camera cuts to an older woman walking towards the camera, looking out a window. She is wearing her surgical mask. The caption reads – To our valued residents…Thank you.
<0:29 – 0:36>
Camera cuts to a man and woman entering an elevator, they are both wearing masks and they keep their social distance. The caption reads – Thank you for wearing a mask/face covering in all indoor common areas…and for protecting…
<0:36 – 0:40>
Camera cuts to a small blonde child who is struggling to put on it’s dinosaur mask and behind him is his mom who is helping. The caption reads – your neighbours.
<0:40 – 0:47>
Camera cuts to a school classroom with 3 children at their desks, wearing their mask. The camera pans onto the middle child, a young girl. The caption reads – We are in this together and we will beat this.. The young girl looks up at the camera when the caption reads – together.
<0:47 – 0:50>
The camera cuts to a construction worker, wearing his surgical mask and a white construction hat. He is speaking to someone on his phone. Caption reads – together.
<0:50 – 0:53>
Camera cuts to a man riding the bus. He is sitting, wearing his mask, holding his briefcase. Caption reads – together.
<0:53 – 1:00>
Camera cuts to a black-haired doctor or nurse in surgical attire. Surgical mask is around her neck. Two hospital staff are chatting in the background. The camera takes a close up of the nurse/doctor who is looking at the camera, holding a tablet. Caption reads – together.
<1:00 – 1:13>
Fades into the GWL Realty Advisors Residential logo in white, placed on a moving clouds background. Caption reads – Visit us at Always Keeping Our Residents Informed.
Music fades out

The past few months have, undoubtedly, been some of the most life-changing months we’ve seen in modern times. As your Property Manager, we remain committed in our effort to minimize the risk of spread of COVID-19 in our communities across Canada and to the safety of our residents and employees.

These are unprecedented times, so we thought it important to take the time to thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation in ensuring we keep each other and our communities safe by wearing a mask/face covering in all indoor common spaces.

Social distancing and wearing a mask or face covering is about protecting and respecting each other and will help to save lives. These are additional measures that we can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep each other and our communities safe.

Your safety is our top priority and we remain committed to providing a safe home for those we serve.