Keeping our Communities Safe

Since this pandemic began, GWL Realty Advisors Residential has continuously promoted infection prevention and control practices in our buildings.

As office buildings lay empty, more of our residents were staying at home than ever before. We had to ensure our communities were safe to prevent the spread of this virus. But as cities are beginning to ease restrictions in their reopening efforts and more residents start emerging from their homes, one thing is clear, we need to redefine our spaces for this new reality. As we step carefully back into the world, we will need to shift our behaviours, interactions, and ways of moving through space. New signage and wayfinding graphics have been implemented thoughtfully, across our company to encourage practices to help our residents navigate through our buildings as we help them feel at ease in this time of uncertainty. Here are some examples of the signage that we have recently installed across our communities to assist in this effort.

We are all in this together

We sincerely thank our residents and staff for taking the necessary precautions to keep our communities and each other safe.