Best ways to beat constant fatigue

Fatigue has been reported as one of the many side effects of working from home and the pandemic. These following tips will help you beat the fatigue you may be struggling with.


The Benefits of Renting

Have you ever thought that you made the right decision to rent instead of owning? Owning a home is something we’ve all probably dreamt about. Society has conditioned us to think that everyone should own a home someday. Homeownership does have its merits, of course, but it depends on the particular market. Sometimes renting can be a better investment than buying. No, you’re not building equity in your home, and yes, you’re technically paying someone else’s mortgage. But in situations where renting a property is cheaper than what the carrying costs of owning that property would be, you’re actually freeing up your money for other things that may be lucrative in the long run.

Now we determined that renting has its perks. But is all ‘renting’ the same?

For example, a condo is a type of private residence in a building or community which is owned by one individual who also acts as a landlord. Apartments are part of buildings containing multiple rental units, and the buildings are managed by a professional property management company just like GWL Realty Advisors Residential.

What option is better for someone who is looking to rent?

Most tenants have the misconception that all renting is the same. While it may be true that a tenant is renting simply because he or she is paying rent, renting in a purpose-built rental building directly from a Property Management Company has its distinct advantages over renting from a condo owner:

  • Security of Tenure provides peace of mind that a resident can remain in their suite for as long as they remain a resident in good standing (i.e. pays their rent on time, and abides by rental rules)
  • No double digit rent hikes that might be experienced with a condo rental, where rent hikes are at the sole discretion of the condo owner
  • Protection against “renovictions” where residents can be asked to leave if a condo owner decides to renovate (or decides to have family members move in)
  • Property staff at their service for quick resolution of any maintenance/service issues
  • A curated community means a safer community, thanks to the qualifying process that renters undergo
  • Access to condo quality amenities without paying the big condo price tag
  • No short-term rental platforms or transient traffic is allowed in a GWL Realty Advisors Residential purpose-built rentals, so tenants can rest easy that their neighbours have all been vetted
  • No condo fees, no down payments, no maintenance fees, no property taxes
  • Better suite finishings can withstand occupant turnover, so suites feature tasteful, durable, longer lasting materials

For additional information on the benefits of renting, check out this article in The National Post written by Lia Grainger.


How to Make a Balcony Herb Garden

A balcony or a patio can be a great place to start growing your favorite herbs this spring!

Herbs are a perfect option for a balcony garden since they are low maintenance, take less space, and are quick to harvest! Also, herbs do well in shady settings and can be a quick, fresh & aromatic addition to any meal or beverage.  As an added bonus, some herbs can be utilized as a natural insect repellent!

If you are short on outside space, the following tutorial from Balcony Garden Web is all you need to get started.


5 Ways to Enjoy Winter Veggies

Even though it’s the dead of winter, there are still plenty of veggies in season: cabbage, kale, spinach, and more.

Click here for 5 recipes from Ricardo Cuisine that show us how to fully appreciate them.


5 Must-Try Storage and Organizing Trends for 2022

Home organization is intended to simplify our daily lives. As our habits and routines change, so do our storage needs. In this article, Better Homes and Gardens explores the latest must-haves for a well-organized space.


Mental health advice for 2022

The current COVID-19 situation can have an impact on your mental health. Practicing physical distancing makes it even more important that we make an extra effort to remain emotionally connected. Finding ways to stay connected with friends, family and loved ones will support good mental health and well-being.

The experts at Forbes Health Advisory Board have put together these suggestions to help support your mental health in 2022.


At YOUR service 24/7

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping our business running without disruptions is very important to us— more so now, when you need us the most.

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new one-service number for all your resident needs..

1 833 330 7030

You can call us at YOUR convenience 24/7 and speak to a live customer service representative. Your call will always be answered – no more answering machines!

What is the benefit for residents?

  • Calls will be answered every time by a live agent, no need for residents to leave a voicemail
  • In addition, you can call at your convenience 24 hours a day/7 days a week to speak to a representative who will ensure our team is informed so they can take the appropriate action
  • Residents without internet access will now be able to reach us by phone 24/7
  • Residents that prefer to be assisted in French, will be able to speak to a bi-lingual live agent
  • Quick response in an emergency 24/7

What happens with the after-hours emergency number (1 866 268 5761)?

This after-hour emergency number will be redirected to the new number but only until May 31st, 2021. Although the number will be discontinued after this date, the new number can be used to report any emergencies such as flood, loss of power, lack of heat or essential appliance failure such as a refrigerator or oven 24/7. Your call will be handled by a representative who will take a message and dispatch the respective staff member. Please note that in an emergency, wherein anyone’s security or safety is endangered, immediately call 911. This includes fire, theft, vandalism and medical emergencies.

We recommend that residents save the new number (1 833 330 7030) in their contact list so they always have it accessible and can contact us wherever and whenever they want 24/7.

Can I still call the Resident Service & Leasing Centre in my building directly?

All office extensions will be redirected to the new number.

With the launch of this program across ALL our buildings today, we can now guarantee that although our offices at some of our properties, depending on the location and provincial restrictions, may be closed to protect our staff and residents during this pandemic, we are still responding to calls, answering questions and taking care of our residents 24/7.

We look forward to being at YOUR service.


Our New Vaccine Protocol

Dear Resident(s):

Re: GWL Realty Advisor Residential’s Updated Vaccination Protocol

We want to assure you of GWL Realty Advisors Inc. and GWL Realty Advisors Residential Inc. (collectively “GWLRA”) ongoing commitment to protect our residents, staff members and our communities. We appreciate that managing through this pandemic is a shared responsibility between us all and recognize the current situation remains uncertain. Consistent with our actions during the pandemic, we will continue to take guidance from public health authorities.

Here is the updated vaccination protocol now in place for our employees and other stakeholder groups accessing GWLRA property managed communities. This protocol will remain in place until further advised and signage will be posted at all entrances of the building informing visitors of our new protocol:

  • As of January 17, 2022. GWLRA Residential employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter any building managed by GWLRA.
  • We expect visitors and third-party contractors to GWLRA property managed communities to follow the same vaccination requirement outlined for our employees.
  • Leasing prospects touring our communities must follow GWLRA’s visitor requirements.

In addition to the above, other health protocols (physical distancing, masking, and enhanced cleaning within all shared spaces) will remain in place in a continued effort to support the health and well-being of our communities.

Should you have any questions regarding this new feature, please email us at or call us at 1 833 330 7030 where a live agent will direct your call 24/7.

With regards,

GWL Realty Advisors Residential