Beat the Winter Blues

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting our lives, 2020 was certainly a memorable year. With the festive season well and truly over and the fact that we still have another few months of winter in sight, you’re not alone if you find yourself feeling down. This is a period where many of us may be regretting those poor holiday eating habits that may be catching up to us, those recently set ambitious New Year’s resolutions may be falling through the cracks and we could be paying off holiday bills around this time.

So, don’t be hard on yourself, you are not alone. Just accept there will be times when things go wrong or you’ll feel bad. Nobody prepared us for this unprecedented time in our lives and we are all trying to figure this out as we go along. So, be kind to yourself and if you are struggling, talk to someone, whether that’s a family member, a professional or a close friend.

Here is an article with some tips on how you can beat the winter blues.